Whipps Ledges Adopt-A-Crag

Saturday, August 26, the OCC partnered with Rock Mill Climbing and Yoga and the Cleveland Metroparks for a clean-up and trail work day at Whipps Ledges at Hinckley Reservation in Hinckely, Ohio. There were about 40 volunteers who participated and we had perfect weather for the event. The Metroparks supplied all the necessary tools as well as several of their employees who were very knowledgeable in trail work and great to work alongside. The Metroparks helped prepare in detail for the event including identifying potential projects and ensuring spotless restrooms. All of the projects, including clean up near the Hinckley Crack, the removal of concrete sign posts no longer in use, some trail maintenance and trash pick up and the decommissioning of user-created trails, were either completed or major progress was made towards their completion. Many volunteers and park staff stayed for the potluck cookout that followed.

Thanks to all who made the event a success, especially all of the volunteers, Rock Mill and the Cleveland Metroparks! We hope to have another similar event in the spring. Thanks also to Don Bensman for the awesome photos!

*You can view the photos from this event on our Stewardship page.


The Ohio Climbers Coalition, in partnership with the Access Fund, will be having a large stewardship event at the Springfield Gorge in Springfield, Ohio.

On May 20-21, 2017 the Access Fund Conservation Team will be at the Springfield Gorge for a day of volunteer work which will include trail-building, staging area development, building of natural steps, general cleanup, and more. This will be a huge undertaking to get the park ready for climbing. Clark County is also creating a future camping area for climbers. 

Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, we’re throwing in some fun too. There will be games, raffles, giveaways, snacks, etc. Many, many more details to come, but I wanted to be sure you all got the date on your calendar.

Exciting news for climbing access in Southern Ohio

Hello climbers, it’s been a while but wanted to update you on some exciting developments and ask for your help. Jack Santo, president of the OCC was recently down in Springfield Ohio (in Clark County, half an hour north east of Dayton for people located in northern Ohio) to explore the potential of two new climbing sites. The Springfield area has some great rocks and the OCC is currently working with the Access Fund and the Clark County park system to develop plans and secure climbing areas. But we need your help!

We are looking for volunteers in southern Ohio to assist the OCC with several tasks. Climbers with technical knowledge and skills, in addition to enthusiastic beginners, are wanted and needed to ensure these projects get off the ground and move forward. If you have any interest in outdoor climbing, in increasing access, and in having fun, the OCC needs your help. Below is a link to our Volunteer form on our website. 


Climbers located in the Dayton and Columbus area are especially needed, but climbers across Ohio are encouraged to join our team. Thanks for your earlier interest in the work of the OCC. 


Keith Boicey

Two day Access Fund membership drive


The Ohio Climbers Coalition and the Access Fund are having a special two-day member drive (Dec 16th & 17th) to ensure that we end the year strong, putting us in the best position to continue protecting Ohio's climbing next year. And we could really use your help.

1. If you’re not already a member or your membership has expired, would you join or renew today? For the next two days, you can join or renew for 20% off! Be sure you select a joint membership with the Ohio Climbers Coalition. 

2. Would you help spread the word to your climbing friends and partners and asking them to support Ohio Climbers Coalition and Access Fund? Send an e-mail, share on Facebook, whatever works best for you. We are trying to drive people to www.accessfund.org/weneedyou to sign up.

3. If you’re still looking for a holiday gift for the climbers in your life, please consider purchasing an Ohio Climbers Coalition/Access Fund gift membership, which is also discounted 20% today and tomorrow.

The Access Fund has had a fantastic year and the Ohio Climbers Coalition is just getting started! The victories shown here are just a small sample of all the work achieved this year, thanks to the dedicated support of climbers and advocates like you. But the sad reality is that only 1% of climbers are Access Fund members. Think of how much more we could accomplish if that number were doubled.

We appreciate your ongoing support and are proud to call you a friend of Ohio Climbers Coalition and the Access Fund!


Where do you climb in Ohio?

We want to expand our OOC website to include pictures of Ohio climbing areas and need your help. Can you post pictures of climbing/bouldering locations in Ohio in the comment section of our Facebook page? Include a short description of the location. We got Northeastern Ohio covered, but need some of our Central, Eastern and Southern climbing friends to let us know where they climb.

We are not looking to expose that super secret boulder project you are working on to a bunch of newbies. We just want to share some of the climbing areas in Ohio.

Happy Holidays from the OCC

The OCC will be giving away a free 1 year joint membership (or renewal) from the Access Fund and the Ohio Climbers Coalition (a $35 value). All you have to do is sign up for the Ohio Climbers Coalition mailing list on the OCC website and you are eligible! The drawing will be December 22nd. Don't worry, if you're already on our mailing list you are automatically entered. 

National Public Lands Day

Since beginning this effort, we've wanted to do something tangible. Discussion of goals and ideals are vital to creating a great organization, but at times it can feel all too theoretical, and for the past few months, we've all been eager to get outside and put forth some action.

In honor of National Public Lands Day, the Ohio Climbers Coalition helped cleanup Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There were over 100 volunteers participating in the effort, with OCC representing a quarter of attendees! It was a fantastic showing for our first event and we are so thankful for Cuyahoga Valley National Park providing the venue for us to help out. Also, we have to thank the Access Fund for its continued support (and Clif bars)!

Now, you might be wondering why we were so eager to participate in a cleanup of a park that doesn't have any open climbing areas. The answer is simple: stewardship. At OCC, we strive to be an example of proper care and respect for the outdoor areas we love-- all of them, not just the crags! Events like this help us build both respect and relationships within the parks system, hopefully opening up doors for future climbing opportunities!

If you know of a park or local crag that could use a cleanup from the OCC, fill out the contact form or drop us a line in the comments-- we'd love to hear from you!

When it comes down to it, the leaders and members of OCC are a group of 'do-ers' so it was fantastic to get outside and affect a little positive change.

Looking forward to our next event!