Whipps Ledges Adopt-A-Crag

Saturday, August 26, the OCC partnered with Rock Mill Climbing and Yoga and the Cleveland Metroparks for a clean-up and trail work day at Whipps Ledges at Hinckley Reservation in Hinckely, Ohio. There were about 40 volunteers who participated and we had perfect weather for the event. The Metroparks supplied all the necessary tools as well as several of their employees who were very knowledgeable in trail work and great to work alongside. The Metroparks helped prepare in detail for the event including identifying potential projects and ensuring spotless restrooms. All of the projects, including clean up near the Hinckley Crack, the removal of concrete sign posts no longer in use, some trail maintenance and trash pick up and the decommissioning of user-created trails, were either completed or major progress was made towards their completion. Many volunteers and park staff stayed for the potluck cookout that followed.

Thanks to all who made the event a success, especially all of the volunteers, Rock Mill and the Cleveland Metroparks! We hope to have another similar event in the spring. Thanks also to Don Bensman for the awesome photos!

*You can view the photos from this event on our Stewardship page.