For this week's OCC Regional Coordinator spotlight, we would like to direct your attention to Carl Virost! Carl is the co-regional coordinator for the Mad River Gorge!

As Co-Regional Coordinator for the Mad River Gorge, Carl works closely with local climbing community and parks department to ensure the continued development, preservation, and prosperity of the Gorge.  

Carl has been climbing since late 2011 when he was invited to a local climbing gym by some friends. He struggled to complete a few 5.8s, laid on the gravel with his forearms ablaze, and has been climbing ever since. He hopes to climb around Europe someday soon.

Carl has helped clean up the Mad Rive Gorge during all events, and numerous other times. He looks forward to continuing the cleanup, and opening the North side for climbing soon.

Thanks for all your hard work, Carl!

If you have any questions about the Mad River Gorge or want to join Carl for one of the monthly Adopt-a-Crag events we’ll be having in 2018, please email him at: carl@ohioclimberscoalition.org