Taylor Property is Now Open! February Adopt-a-Crag Another Success!

Last month, the Clark County Park District officially closed on the Taylor property, the latest addition to the Mad River Gorge & Nature Preserve! The property is located on the southside of the Mad River and is adjacent to the original MRG that was opened last May during our Mad River Gorge Adopt-a-Crag. This addition helps expand the climbing available at the Gorge including a lot of great boulders that can be found throughout the area. There are also some historic routes that were bolted years ago when climbing was illegal in the area, and the Climbing Committee will be working to replace these bolts this spring to ensure they are safer for climbers. For more information about the routes on the Taylor Property and Mad River Gorge, please visit the mountain project page available here:https://www.mountainproject.com/area/111817013/mad-river-gorge-nature-preserve

On February 24th, we had a group of 12 volunteers (and one very helpful dog) brave the pouring rain and colder temps to help cut and haul out honeysuckle on the Taylor Property. We were able to remove a lot of the honeysuckle near the kiosk area that will later be chipped. There are a lot of projects planned to help develop the Taylor property and we were glad to get a great jump start on the stewardship work there.

One project we have planned is to provide easier access to climbing areas and walking paths for hikers. It will take time to develop these designated paths on the Taylor property, so please be mindful of how you travel around in the area. Try to minimize your impact on the land by watching where you step (avoid trampling wild flowers) and beware of broken glass and metal especially in areas near the cliff line. If you are going out to climb or hike, you can bring a bucket to fill with trash and debris you come across (there is always a collection of empty buckets available near the kiosk). This will help us in our efforts to clean up the area and make it better for all visitors!

We will be continuing our monthly Mad River Gorge Adopt-a-Crags on Saturday, March 31st! For this month, weather permitting, we’ll be working on the construction of a retaining wall to help the erosion and slope issues found by Amusement Wall. This project will need a team of volunteers who can help haul materials down to the site and assist in the construction of the wall. Depending on the number of volunteers who come out (and/or the weather conditions), we will also be cutting honeysuckle and begin trail work on the Taylor property. If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to email our Mad River Gorge Regional Coordinators Matt (matt@ohioclimberscoalition.org) or Carl (carl@ohioclimberscoalition.org). We hope to see you there!