Beach City Adopt-A-Crag Recap

The first annual Beach City Adopt-A-Crag was held on Saturday, April 14th, 2018. The weather stayed good just long enough to complete the event; it started raining during the cookout afterwards. 

We would like to thank all the volunteers that came out and donated their time to make this event a success!

The Ohio Climber's Coalition (OCC) leadership was well represented with our President, Vice President, and 4 representatives from Northeast Ohio being present. We also had a group from the Kent State University Climbing Club attend, plus a few volunteers from The Dirt Line (a mountain bike organization), a variety of climbers from all over NE Ohio, a few local people and a local Trustee.


The first priority was Graffiti Removal at the waterfalls area closest to the Camp Road parking lot. The parking lot is small, so some climbers had to park at a larger parking lot and car pool to the work site. Elephant Snot (Snot) was applied by brush to the graffiti and a half hour later was power washed off. Some graffiti took 4 coats of Snot to remove completely. About 6 gallons of Snot was applied throughout the day. A garden hose was ran from the top of the waterfall to the bottom. The power washer below was supplied with water by gravity through the hose. A 55 gallon barrel was used across from the falls. It was filled from the creek with a pump and hooked to another power washer. The area around the falls looks 100% better, but there is a lot more graffiti in other areas that need attention in the future. 

Our second priority was building stone stairs using rock from the area. No man made materials were used. The completed stairs now make it easier to walk from the bottom of the Big Cliffs to the top. Climbers will use these stairs when setting up and taking down their ropes and slings. Hikers, hunters, bird watchers and other recreational users will benefit from the stairs also. 


Our third priority was to pick up litter, including old tires. Litter was removed at the falls area, at the Big Cliff and a few full bags were collected along Kaylor Road. About 30 tires were drug up a hill across from the Old Quarry. Bill Fender, a local trustee, volunteered to haul the trash and tires away. The Division of Wildlife will pick up the tires from the township building and dispose of them properly.  


Nathan and Liz Yokum, owners of The Rock Mill, had burgers and hot dogs ready for the volunteers after the work was completed. Their donation of the food was appreciated by all who attended the cookout. The cookout was held near the Dam, in the Army Corps of Engineers lower parking area.

Pat McPeek and Jarod Lawver, OCC Crag Stewards for Beach City, supplied a lot of the equipment such as power washers, generator, pumps, hoses etc. for the event. A lot of preperation on their part helped make the event run smoothly.

The OCC purchased the Snot and safety equipment that needed to be used with it. The Snot is biodegradable and is costly; close to $400.00 for a 5 gallon pail. 

The Beach City Wildlife Area has three public landowners; Division of Wildlife, Muskingum Watershed Conservation District and the Army Corp of Engineers. The public land is also adjacent to many private landowners. Dennis Solon, from the Division of Wildlife, said that because of a current issue with the deer population, they aren't able to spend as much time at Beach City as they would like. He praised the efforts of the volunteers and was genuinely thankful for the efforts to improve the area. 

With the success of the first annual Beach City Adopt-a-Crag in the rear view mirror, we look forward to many more successful events for years to come!

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