Logtown Recap


The Logtown Adopt-a-Crag (Lisbon, Ohio) was held on Saturday, May 19th, 2018. About 12 volunteers (including Mayor Joe of Lisbon) braved the rainy weather, and we accomplished a great deal between 9 and 3!

Graffiti removal was our priority at the Main Cliffs. About a week prior to the event, a 20' x 50' sheet of plastic was placed in the low spot near the Left Main Wall. With all the rain that followed, we had water for graffiti removal. We got permission from the folks at the bike trail to take a vehicle to the trailhead, which saved us a lot of work and time. The water was pumped into a 55 gal barrel that was connected to a power washer. Elephant Snot graffiti remover was applied by brush, left to work, scrubbed by brush, and then finally power washed off. A group also began cleaning the vegetation off Broadway Ledge until the rain made it too slippery to continue. We were limited to how far the pressure washer could reach, but the volunteers (we?) continued the removal beyond that point and used buckets of water to rinse.

We also removed a lot of trash and metal debris around the  Middle Cliffs. Although we didn't get it all cleaned up, the general look of the area was greatly improved.

Around 3pm, we stopped our work for the day and enjoyed pizza from Mary's Pizza at Numbers Brewery (thanks to Climb Cleveland, Cleveland Rock Gym, OCC and Rock Mill for providing donations for the pizza!). The group had a great socializing with other climbers, planning future work, and talking about past adventures.

We would like to thank everyone that contributed to this event, starting with the volunteers who worked at Logtown on and off for months before the Event. Ohio Climbers Coalition very much appreciates the nice folks from the Lisbon area that supported the event and more importantly who support climbing at Logtown. Of course, a big thank you to the volunteers who spared their precious time to come out and make Logtown better for all of us who visit there!  Special thanks to Pat McPeek (who also volunteered his time) and to Jarod Lawver (both Beach City Crag Stewards for the OCC) for providing the power washer, generator and pump to use for the event. Last of all, a special thanks to NE Ohio Regional coordinator Norm Swann for planning a fun and productive adopt-a-crag and putting in a lot of hours at Logtown - and to Tricia DiFranco for the big assist.

We hope to have another Logtown adopt-a-crag soon. Come on out and clean up your local natural area and crag!