Norm Swann joins our Board of Directors

The Ohio Climbers Coalition is excited to announce that Norm Swann is joining our Board of Directors as our Northern Ohio Stewardship Director. In late 2017, Norm joined the OCC as our first Northeastern Ohio Regional Coordinator, and he worked closely with Tricia DiFranco on a variety of projects in that corner of the state including stewardship projects at Beach City Nature Preserve, Logtown, and Whipps Ledges. In his time with the OCC, Norm has shown us that he is passionate about protecting and promoting all of the great climbing available here in Ohio, and he wants to help others get more involved as well. 


We also want to take this opportunity to wish our former Northern Ohio Stewardship Director Tricia DiFranco good luck as she embarks upon new adventures out in West Virginia! Though we are very sad to see her go, we know great things await her there! Thanks for everything you’ve done for Ohio climbing over the past few years as a member of the OCC, Tricia! We hope you’ll join us for some trail days and climbing in the future! 

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Ohio Climbers Coalition, we are looking for volunteers throughout Ohio to assist the OCC with several tasks. Climbers with technical knowledge and skills, in addition to enthusiastic beginners, are wanted and needed to ensure several projects get off the ground and move forward around the state. If you have any interest in outdoor climbing, increasing access, and having fun, the OCC needs your help!

If you would like to help, please check out the link below and fill out the form. We are looking for volunteers around the state to help with stewardship projects, outreach at local gyms, and a variety of other projects. Thanks!