A Look Back On 2018: Mad River Gorge

In 2018, the OCC organized monthly Adopt-a-Crag events at the Mad River Gorge to complete major projects that were necessary to help improve access and minimize climber impact at popular climbing areas. Last September, we also hosted the largest stewardship event of the year as we had over 150 volunteers from around the midwest join us for the 2018 Mad River Gorge Adopt-a-Crag Presented By Black Diamond. This one day of stewardship resulted in 1,085 volunteer hours!

Over the course of 2018, thanks to almost 200 different volunteers who joined us for workdays, the OCC was able to construct three retaining walls, develop stairs from the main trail to Mike's Wall/ Ship Rock, cut new trails on the former Taylor Property, continue cleanup of heavy trash areas like the Rusty Ravine, and remove more invasive honeysuckle from the Gorge.

In 2019, we will continue to work together with the Clark County Park District to further improve this amazing climbing area. Our first workday will be on Saturday, January 26th from 11am- 4pm. More information about the plans for the workday will be posted closer to the event so stay tuned!

A huge thanks to all of our incredible volunteers who made 2018 such a successful year of stewardship at the Mad River Gorge! These projects were funded by grants from the Access Fund and Patagonia! If you aren't already an Access Fund/ OCC member (or need to renew your yearly membership), please consider signing up today. AF/ OCC joint memberships are a huge part of making sure we can protect our climbing areas around the state and we need your continued support to ensure great work like this can continue happening! Check out the link to get signed-up: https://accessfund.secure.force.com/accessfunddonation/rc_connect__campaign_designform?id=701j0000000FfWu&fbclid=IwAR30-Cn3eD-XGgSGLqBEe7RZYfSiUZ9CoEnxw1FVbMjGIhMio9tXgfT23VI#!form=00Pj00000014lMJEAY