2nd Annual Beach City Adopt-a-Crag Event

On April 6th, the OCC hosted our second annual Beach City Adopt-a-Crag event! With the help of over 20 volunteers, we successfully completed a variety of projects around the Beach City Wildlife Area in Tuscarawas County. The parking area has been filled with new gravel that was purchased by the OCC and Ohio Division of Wildlife. This helps improve the parking situation for all climbers and visitors of the falls and Big Wall climbing area.

Volunteers also continued work on removing graffiti around the falls. This was a project that was started during our Adopt-a-Crag last spring, and we were thrilled to see that there was no new major graffiti present in the areas that were cleaned last year. Many of the visitors who were hiking in the area were very happy to see this graffiti disappearing and were thankful for the work we were doing. Along with the graffiti on rocks, we also had volunteers working to mask the graffiti that was present on trees. By carefully applying layers of colors to match the bark of the tree, we had incredible success in hiding the bright red, yellow, and blue colors that were sprayed onto trees.

Trash cleanup was also completed around a large portion of the area from the parking lot out past the Big Wall to the train tracks. Volunteers managed to fill over a dozen trash bags with plastic and glass bottles, metal, and some larger items like plastic coolers.

After the workday, volunteers gathered at Camp Buckeye for a delicious cookout with lots of food, desserts, and iced tea and juice all prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Mcpeek! It was exactly what we needed after another successful workday!

A huge thanks goes out to all of our hardworking volunteers, Beach City Crag Stewards Jarod Lawver and Pat Mcpeek, the Ohio Division of Wildlife who granted us permission to host the workday, and Camp Buckeye who provided a great space for our cookout!