2019 April Mad River Gorge Adopt-a-Crag Recap

On April 27th, we had 25 volunteers join us for another incredibly successful workday out at the Mad River Gorge in Springfield. We are excited to announce that the steps by Mike’s Wall and Ship Rock are now complete! This was a project that was started during our big Adopt-a- Crag event last September when the first set of steps were installed to help improve access from the main path to the walls. Now these steps will get you all the way to the top of the cliff! We are going to be installing hand rails on the upper portion to help make the steps easier to use for all visitors to the Gorge, but we are excited that the construction is complete. A huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped us complete this major project, and thanks to Great Miami Outfitters for helping us acquire grant money from Patagonia to purchase all of the supplies.

The first of many sign posts was also installed during our April workday. To help people navigate around the Mad, we are planning to install signs for all walls and trails throughout the property. Many of the trail signs have already been painted thanks to volunteers last September, and more are going to be created soon. We are planning to have all of the signs painted and installed by the end of the summer so people can find their way around the Gorge easier! Keep an eye on Facebook and our website to find out what days we’ll be working this summer in case you want to help with this project!

Major progress was also made at two trash areas that we are hoping to cleanup this year. Rusty Ravine continues to improve from all the work that was done last year, and more barbed wire fencing and trash was hauled to the top of the cliff to be removed at a later date. We are thrilled to see how much has already been cleaned up in this portion of the Gorge, and hope to have more volunteers out this summer to keep working on getting all of the metal and debris out of this spot. An old dumping site along the main path just past Amusement Wall is also seeing major changes as trash and glass that was lying on the slope was knocked down and put into bagsters to be removed. About ten bagsters were filled in just one day by our dedicated volunteers! As we’ve seen with previous trash areas that have been cleaned up at the Gorge, we hope that we’ll start to see plants and wildlife replacing all of the debris that once resided there.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who joined us for our April Mad River Gorge Adopt-a-Crag workday! We really appreciate all of the hardwork and support as we continue to help improve and give back to this awesome climbing area! If you are interested in joining us for a future workday, make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages or our website for event dates and information!