First Adopt-a-Crag at John Bryan State Park

We held our first Adopt-a-Crag workday at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs, Ohio on Saturday, 13-April. The weather was just about perfect; much improved over the day or so prior (which sported rain and very high winds). Our main goal was to clear around and repaint the existing eye bolt top rope and belay anchors. We completed all planned tasks and some additional work due to the hard work of 12 volunteers and members of the OCC Board of Directors. The majority of our volunteers were from the Adventure Resource Center at OSU. They all had ridden their bikes out the day prior and camped. Seriously minimal carbon footprint and training effort: nice job people!

All of the 6 sets of top rope and the one large set of rappel anchors were cleaned (excavated where they had been partially buried: ‘lost’), and painted the park-assigned colors. The paths leading out to the cliff edge anchor sets were cleared of several dead trees, invasive honeysuckle, and other overgrowth. Cliff bottom trails to and between belay areas were cleared of brush and a few large honeysuckle trees, along with the belay areas. Several sets of anchors were back in use as soon as the final coat of paint had dried.


There were the inevitable bits of trash, and that was cleaned up as we found it. We also chain sawed and cleared the worst of the trees which had been blown down across the North Rim Trail, along with some tripping hazard stumps.


Come on out to John Bryan and put our work to use on one of the longest accessible climbing areas in your state parks! If you come to climb, please bring sufficient webbing or static rope to rig properly from the large eye bolts and to allow you full access to the various lines at each anchor set.