Proper Anchor Building at John Bryan State Park

Climbing season is finally here! With lots of areas getting maintenance and some more traffic we at the OCC wanted to share some anchor best practice beta. One of our great top rope areas ( John Bryan State Park) has provided bolts to build top rope anchors. Unfortunately some folks have been steered in the wrong direction and this can lead to accidents and injuries. List below is a picture of a poorly built anchor. 


This is only using one sling, one bolt, and one locking carabiner. This is not redundant and can be a recipe for disaster. Listed below is a picture of a properly built anchor using static rope. 


It’s important that weather you’re using rope or webbing to build your anchors you stick to these main concepts. We like to teach anchor building with the mnemonic ERNEST 


This little aid can help you build a safe and effective anchor each time you head outdoors. Hope this helped some of you future crushers. Happy sending!