2nd Annual Logtown Adopt-A-Crag

The 2nd Annual Logtown Adopt-a-Crag (Lisbon, Ohio) was held on Saturday, May 18th, 2019, from 9am - 3pm. Although it was raining slightly when we got there, it stopped shortly after and the rest of the day was dry. A big Thank You to the nineteen volunteers who spent their Saturday improving Logtown.

Graffiti removal was one priority at the Main Cliffs, painting over it, trying to match the color of the rock. Wes Crane used a technique similar to his technique to cover tree graffiti at the Beach City Adopt a Crag: http://www.ohioclimberscoalition.org/blog.

We also leveled some of the ground under the climbs by the Front Wall and improved the trail to the top of the cliffs. Some work was done at the rappel station above The Pit along with some trail work both at the bottom and top of the cliffs.

The fenced in Plant Restoration Area above Footloose and Finger Free was cleared of downed leaves and the faded signs were replaced with new ones. The area was seeded last fall and the grass came up but was thin in places. Another bag of grass seed was spread over the area to hopefully improve the coverage. The idea is to keep mud from washing down on the climbs below, which has been a big problem in the past.

New signs were placed on the Bulletin Board to replace the ones that faded over the winter.

A few volunteers lowered down and started cleaning some of the climbs, until time ran out. Much progress was made, but there is always more to do.

Afterwards, we stopped in at Numbers Brewery for food and drink.

Ohio Climbers Coalition very much appreciates the nice folks from Lisbon that support climbing at Logtown.

If you have never been to Logtown, or haven’t been there for several years it’s worth checking out. There have been many improvements over the last few years. Mountain Project is a great resource for directions to the area and information about the routes. There is also a printable map available on the OCC website.

Please direct any questions/comments about the event to the following OCC volunteer staff members:

1. Norm Swann, Northern Ohio Stewardship Director, norm@ohioclimberscoalition.org

2. Tom Thomas, Logtown Crag Steward, tom_thomas@outlook.com