Whipps Climbing Weekend

The two day event was held at the top parking lot at Whipps on June 28th and 29th, 2019. I believe the number I heard was 59 people for the event; some stayed the night, some came for only one of the days, some for both.

Friday night started out with work projects; we removed some graffiti by Gumby Crack, blocked off a rogue trail and continued working on the rock stairs going down to the Main Wall. Things were going well until a storm rolled in and we had to head back to the pavilion where Cleveland Metroparks (CMP) staff went over anchor building.

CMP staff questioned the group to determine that the climbers were mostly beginners, some never climbing before, some only with indoor climbing experience. Few had some outdoor experience. They based their instruction on this information and what the group said they wanted to accomplish.

There were about 15 tents set up by those that wanted to spend the night. Other than some mildly aggressive raccoons, the night was quiet. Saturday morning started with a light breakfast supplied by CMP.

After breakfast we broke up into three main groups, based on interest; one group went over anchor building in the woods next to the parking lot, in a safe environment for beginners. Another group went over anchor building at the cliff on routes such as Keyhole, You Break It You Break It and Double Layback Crack, watching as a CMP staff member set up these climbs. This group then set up Patagonia, using what they learned on the other routes. The third group climbed the routes that were set up. All groups eventually came together at the start of the climbs that were set up.

The event ended back at the Pavilion. A big thank you goes out to CMP staff, who did an excellent job organizing this event!

If you wish to climb at Whipps (or anywhere), please make sure you know the proper and safe way to set up the climbs. If you need further instruction, seek out qualified instruction with experienced climbers, CMP courses, your local climbing gym or guide services.